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Eco Club

Welcome to Radnor's Eco Club Page


We are a like minded group of children and adults who are working together to

improve the quality of our school environment.

Our goal is to promote environmental awareness as part of school life and in doing

so we hope to decrease Radnor's eco footprint.



This year we have opened Eco Club out to anyone from Years 2 to 6 as we feel we can have a bigger impact on improving our enviroment.


Mr Morgan and Mr Walsh are very excited to get started. 


Stay tuned here for more updates and read our weekly minutes which we will be publishing live!

Refill App to Help You Ditch Bottled Water

Plastic pollution is devastating our oceans. Every year 30 billion single-use plastic water bottles are sold. They end up in our waterways. Companies make us believe we need their water, but the truth is bottled is less regulated than tap, and can be 1,000 times more expensive.

Active Journeys Crew

Some members of Eco Club have been nominated to become Radnor's Active Journeys Crew! 


Click the link below to see our Active Journeys webpage.

Below you will find archived information from previous years of Eco Club.