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29th April 2016

It's been a busy week in Radnor Primary School this week!

Class 1 have been learning to count in 10's and getting ready for their assembly tomorrow

Class 2 have been working on pictograms of farm animals,

Class 3 and 4 have been learning all about the lifecycle of a frog,

Class 5 and 6  have been having lots of fun on scratch, learning all about farms and different types of farms in the UK.

Class 7,8 and 9 have been practicing for their tests next week, been doing fitness work in PE and have been learning all about recycling and sound in the afternoons.

Mrs Jegou's class have been writing instructions for an ice cream creations and are making a display all about it in class.

Class 10,11 and 12 have also been working really hard on there tests and getting ready for the real thing next week!


We are all working especially hard on our welsh throughout school! 


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 Blog - 17th March 2016


We were unable to post a blog last week because we were in CADBURY WORLD! IT was so much fun… Expect some photos soon.

 This week… Class 7 and 8 both designed chocolate boxes, we wrote stories about a fantasy land. We also did a lot about circuits in science.

Class 9 also designed chocolate boxes and again we did circuits in science. We redrafted our stories and we designed logos for our chocolate boxes.

Class 10 We were doing chocolate rappers in DT and art. We also did nets in maths.

Class 12 have done art and DT and made packaging for our chocolate tarts that we are making next week.  In science this week we have been learning about the digestive system and circulatory system. We have also been doing lots of problem solving and writing a discussion text about fair trade.



Welcome to the Radnor School Blog, this week you have Millie and Mazdak writing for you.


The lower ks2 have been researching Aztecs and enjoying one of Roald Dahls famous books Charlie and the chocolate factory, while class 9 have been writing a report on the history of chocolate. Speaking of Aztecs, class 10 have been looking at some infographics on the Aztecs, while  class 11 and 12 have been writing speeches on why Roald dahl is the best author though none of class 11 and 12 truly think he’s the best author in the whole universe! 

10th December 2015

This week the infants have been busy practicing their Christmas concerts while the ks2 have been practicing there maths, literacy, science and more. We have been using the laptops and I-pads a lot during this week. Every Friday the school does big maths, lots of people have been grading up!!


Some children in class have been performing in Victoria park doing a carol service which was really good!


In ICT in KS2 we have been making mini magazines about Victorians.

We are looking forward to Christmas and most importantly the Christmas Holidays!!


By Declan and Amir

26 of November 2015

We’ve been asking around the classes to find out what they’ve been up to.

Class 12

Class 12 have been doing a lot of things! They have been practising their own Radnor haka with lyrics and moves, and they have been doing experiments in science about parachutes. They have been working out conversions in maths to buy recipes to make something delicious! Also Mrs. Pritchard, on Thursday she has thrown 3 paper balls in the bin which means a lot to her and her class! Well done!

Class 11

Class 11 have been story writing about Street Child making their own chapter. They have been doing a lot of activities about Coal Mining with Mrs.McGinty! They have been shopping for ingredients to make something that was in the Victorian Christmas times.

Class 7

Class 7 have been making a play script and they have been doing rounding in Maths. They made a report about rich Victorian children and poor Victorian children. They’ve been researching about William Morris and learning the Haka!

By Aayat and Niamh 


19th November 2015


Foundation Phase

Foundation Phase have been getting up to, practicing their Christmas concert and have made cars these children are only four.

Class three and four are practicing their Christmas concert and they’ve had a special visit from some Cardiff fireman.

Class six have also been practicing their concert but have been also drawing Christmas characters.

Class five have been speaking and practicing their welsh with teulu –family.



Key stage 2 have been having lessons and assemblies on anti-bullying as well as looking at play scripts in Literacy. Some classes have begun looking at the art work of William Morris who was a famous Victorian artist. Class 11 have been practicing there class assembly all week ready for the real thing!


More from the digital leaders next week

By Moaz and Aiden – Digi Leaders.

22nd May 2015


The year 6 pupils have been working hard on their  business week projects, we  hope they do well.smiley


Have you heard about the Twmpath? If not, then consider getting your ticket for only £2!


If traditional dancing is isn't your thing than why not buy something at our stalls here is a list of stalls that will be at the Twmpath:

Groovy games

triple c

slen LTD 

groovy smoothies and welsh cakes.


See you at the Twmpath!

22nd May 18.15 - 20.00 


Callum Duhig 


Yesterday was class 4's assembly, all about red nose day. We were impressed by class 4's singing and performing and even more impressed by Mr Walsh's beauty. All week we have been doing tests and the year 6s have been doing business week. Soon you will be able to buy the products that we are making. Tomorrow is Mr Walsh's class assembly. And tommorow you will get to see our opinion on it.

Heidi and Robyn.crying

Today was children in needfrown

We dressed up as heroes or in spots and stripes.We had to pay a pound to dress up but it all went to a good cause.£indecision

It was also class 11's assembly all about black history month.It explained about the unfairness of racism in USA and South Africa.


Christmas Countdown:40 dayscheeky


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