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2016 - 17

Welcome to the School Council page!


 This term the school council are working on parking around the school. So far we have decided to write a letter to parents/carers asking them to sign a contract promising to not park on any of yellow lines. If you have any suggestions write them in your school council book.


If you have a suggestion and you think it can improve our school, please tell the School Council member of your class/year.

Here is the Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers at Radnor.


Code of conduct for the beginning and end of the day at Radnor

Our aim is to make Radnor a safe place to get to and from. We also value our relationships with our neighbours and want to treat them with consideration and respect. As parents and carers of children at Radnor Primary School, we agree to the following:


  • We will stop or park our cars in safe places only
  • We will not stop or park on the zig-zag lines
  • We will not stop or park in the middle of the road
  • We will be polite to others at all times
  • We will respect requests from local residents to move if we stop or park in their permit parking areas.
  • We will put the safety of all children first at all times


Our School Councillors


Below are the wonderful faces of our School Councillors.


If you have any queries or suggestions on how we can improve Radnor, make sure you speak to your class or year group rep!



Junior PCSO scheme

We started the scheme on Friday 4th December.

Members of the School Council have been appointed Junior PCSOs and will be patrolling outside the school before and after school to support the local PCSOs as they monitor and control illegal parking outside the school.


Here is the letter that went out on Friday 4th December