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Welcome to Acrylic Art

The children have been painting meadows with a sun in the background. They have been painting with acrylic paints without paint brushes! Instead of brushes they have been using sponges, paper towels, plastic knives and spatulas. Their work is inspired by Rachel Trott, a local artist.
Look at the year threes and fours finished artwork:

Unfortunately we didn't get to see all of the year ones and twos' finished work, but we did get a quote!

"We use cotton buds, straws, forks, and paper towels. Oh and toothbrushes."

- Juliet 

This week the year threes and fours have been working on one giant canvas! They have been doing the sky and grass smearing on the paint with their hands (with gloves on, luckily)! Their artwork from last week will be displayed within the school shortly.