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App School




 In this Radnor Uni course the children of Radnor  explore different apps using I-pads with the help of the Digital Leaders. Digital Leaders and Teachers alike, find that App School helps to build childrens' confidence using various apps in class.

Week 1


Using I-movie and farm animals these children doing            App school are having a great time!

Week 2


This week some of the children are making play- dough creatures which are going to be made into a stop motion animation. The other children are learning to use Pic college and stop motion. A pair are making a stop motion called "Horse vs Sheep".

Week 3

This week the stop motion adventure of Horse Vs Sheep carries on. However the question we're all asking is will the sheep win and gain power or will the horses win and rule over all? We will wait to find out!

Week 4


This week the children of App School use Puppet pals, to create stories in which they use  classic characters but use their imaginations to make up unique stories.

Week 5
This week The children of App School learn to use green screen.