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Welcome to Batik!


In Batik they were starting the lesson by tracing a variety of different patterns.Here are a few pictures of them.

On the 2 week of Batik, they were using  melted wax and they were going around their traced pictures with a gold tjanting tool. After that they were using water colours to fill in their pictures.

This week in Batik they had their finished names.There were some people removing the wax from the fabric with an iron.  Most of the others were starting their second project which was looking at some designs for cards and then drawing and colouring them in.  





Welcome back to week 4 of Batik , we hope you had a great half term.

This week in Batik they were showing the children how to do " blending". The blending makes the picture look much more effective.

Now they are doing something called "Colour burst" which is when you use a light coloured backround and then use a dark colour to do spots which bleed into each other
They have started to make their designs for their t shirts here are a few of them

In week 5 in Batik, they were tracing their t shirt designs from their paper drawings onto their actual t shirt they were making. They were using pieces of card to trace some of their shapes so it was accurate. 

Here are some pictures of some nearly finished work.

Its the last week of Radnor university and Batik has started their lesson by finishing ironing the wax out of their

t shirts and designing Christmas cards!

Christmas cards designs