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Welcome to Board Games

In Board Games this week they have been playing together nicely, and are learning how to play lots of different games including:


•Magic Cauldron Game

•Piggy in the Middle

•Connect 4

When they were playing these games the children looked like they were having lots of fun!

The year three and fours are playing fun and quite complex games e.g Somuku and Monopoly.

This week they are all giving themselves challenges by playing more complex games such as 


- Yes,No 


-Square Up


-Rush Hour 

-Secret Code

This week the year three and fours have been playing some new games like Downfall. 

Mario said "I like board games because I love to try out different games, my favourite game is Connect Four."  

Mario is on a winning streak! 

This week is the last week doing Board games. Tasnim from the year one and two session said "My favourite games are Scrabble and Banana because they're hard. Luke who is also from the year one and two session said "I'm finding it hard to play Scrabble it's hard to think of words."

We have had loads of fun Blogging about Board Games for the past five weeks we hope everyone has thoroughly enjoyed Board Games!