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                                                Welcome to Design And Create!

Week 1: Mermaids and Sea Creatures!

This Week, we made some sea-creatures. We made a mermaids tail, and some fish. We also plan on making  some more sea-themed art.

Week 2: Painting Boxes!

The children in design and create have started work on their aquarium. They are going to have a variety of fish in each of their aquariums and using Nike, Adidas and more boxes, they are going to make a aquarium using string they will move the aquarium around to make it feel like it is moving.
This week, the Design and Create children carried on doing their work about Creating a aquarium. They have nearly finished the base ( Some already did. ) . And now need  to finish their bases and add some sea creatures.

Week 5: Finishing our aquarium!

Sorry about missing week 4, we had a uploading problem. Anyways, today the children at design and create started to finish off those aquariums. Some even demonstrated for us. This is the last week of blogging and Radnor university due to  schedueling and i want to thank anyone who decided to read this blog. Bye.