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Eco - Club Archive: 2015-2016

Welcome to Radnor's Eco Club page.


We are a like minded group of children and adults who are working together to improve the quality of our school environment. Our goal is to promote enviromental awareness as part of school life and in doing so we hope to decreasing Radnor's eco footprint.


This year we have opened Eco Club out to anyone from Years 2 to 6 as we feel we can have a bigger impact on improving our enviroment.


Mr Walsh and Mr Morgan are very excited to get started on Tuesday 15th September, meeting all of the new members of this fantastic club!


Stay tuned here for more updates and read our weekly minutes which we will be publishing live!


Green Flag


Eco Club are proud to announce that we've achieved 'Green Flag Status'! 


Eco Club have been working very hard to develop the Eco curriculum and ensuring Radnor is becoming more and more ecological and environmentally friendly. 


Mr Morgan and Mr Walsh are very proud of Eco Club who have worked extremely hard this year

to achieve this accolade!


You'll soon be able to see our Green Flag flying high over Radnor! 



Picture 1

Developing the Outdoors


Eco Club are currently developing the outdoor area at Radnor, check out the pictures below to see us in action! 

Cleaning up our mess!

Cleaning up our mess!  1
Cleaning up our mess!  2
Cleaning up our mess!  3
Cleaning up our mess!  4



Click the picture below to check out our excellent assembly on Fairtrade - a great way to kick off Faitrade Fortnight at Radnor! 



Eco Club Uniform Sale


On Tuesday 26th January Eco Club were invited to help the PTA to run a recycling uniform sale.
Parents donated old unwanted uniform to recycle and reuse uniforms at Radnor. Check out the pictures below to see Eco Club in action!

Eco Club Uniform Sale

Eco Club Uniform Sale 1
Eco Club Uniform Sale 2
Eco Club Uniform Sale 3
Eco Club Uniform Sale 4



In preparation for 'Fairtrade Fortnight', which begins in February, Eco Club played the 'Banana Split' game where each group took on a role of a worker within the banana trade. It was an interesting game which led to a great discussion on how fair the wages were for each worker. We think it'll be a great game to spark debate during Fairtade Fortnight for the rest of the pupils!

Banana Split Game

Banana Split Game 1 'The Importers/Ripeners'
Banana Split Game 2 'The Shippers'
Banana Split Game 3 'The Plantation Owners'
Banana Split Game 4 'The Shop/Supermarket Owners'
Banana Split Game 5 'The Banana Workers'

Eco Club ideas on how to approach FairTrade at Radnor...

Eco Club ideas on how to approach FairTrade at Radnor... 1
Eco Club ideas on how to approach FairTrade at Radnor... 2
Eco Club ideas on how to approach FairTrade at Radnor... 3


We played a fun game in Eco Club this week - Can it be recycled Yes or No?


We split into 2 teams and at the end of the quiz the score was 6 all!


Great recycling knowledge Eco Club!


Also a special shout out to Meryen who impressed us all with his detailed recycling knowledge - Gwaith Da!

Recycle - Yes or No???

Recycle - Yes or No??? 1
Recycle - Yes or No??? 2
Recycle - Yes or No??? 3
Recycle - Yes or No??? 4
Recycle - Yes or No??? 5
Recycle - Yes or No??? 6
Recycle - Yes or No??? 7
Recycle - Yes or No??? 8
Recycle - Yes or No??? 9
Recycle - Yes or No??? 10
Recycle - Yes or No??? 11
Recycle - Yes or No??? 12
Check out these great eco related websites!

Why Are We Planting Bulbs?

Eco & Team Health Planting Bulbs

10 Day Turndown


Radnor took part in the 10 day turndown during October. We competed against 22 other schools to see who coule save the most energy for the 10 days.


Eco Club thoroughly enjoyed checking up on the different classrooms and their energy usage/wastage!


Eco Club want to thank everyone involved especially those who remembered to turn things off!


We managed an amazing reduction of 11% for our energy usage. See the table below for the final results league table.




Ten Day Turndown Prizes

On 24th November Eco Club were visited by Mr Roberts, the person responsible for organising the 10 day turndown in schools. He presented the children with prizes for their great efforts when saving energy!


Each child recieved the following:

- A portable solar powered battery charger.
- An energy monitor for their homes.

- A tool to help save water from your shower.


A special shoutout also to Daisy who recieved a special 'Eco Kettle' for her particular efforts during the 10 day turndown. 


Check out the photos below of the children recieving their prizes!



Ten Day Turndown Prize Giving

Two Great PowerPoints provided by Tim Roberts for our 'Energy Awareness' Day


On 29th September Eco Club have organised for Radnor Primary School to raise energy awareness. We are aiming to educate the children in anything energy related; from how
energy is produced, used and wasted—asking the all important question of how we can stop this waste?

On this day Tim Roberts our school ‘Energy Officer’ will be coming in to do a whole school assembly to introduce the energy day.


Then there will then be 3x workshops  for Upper KS2 as follows:


Class 10 - 9:30 - 10:15                   Class 11 - 10:30 - 11:15                  Class 12 - 11:15 - 12:00


Eco Club are then asking all other classes to teach an energy based lesson (or two?!) in the morning to continue the theme of the day. 

Some classes will also be asked to design some energy saving posters in the afternoon as well.


These will be great to put around the school ready for our ‘Turn down for 10 days’
competition which will be an energy saving competition running from  Monday 12th—Friday 23rd October!