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Please find a list of frequently asked questions below, if you want to know about something that is not listed, please ask the school office or via the contact us form.

Everyday Issues


What is the school uniform?


School uniform is not compulsory but it is worn by the vast majority of children.  It consists of:

  • A jade green sweatshirt with our school name and badge
  • White or navy polo shirt, either plain or with our school badge
  • Grey, black or navy trousers, skirts, trousers or pinafores
  • Green dress for the warmer weather
  • Black, grey or navy shoes


Where can I buy school uniform?


Sweatshirts and polo shirts with our school badge can only be purchased through 'Cardiff Embroidery' via this link. We are happy for the children to wear plain while or plain navy polo shirts that can be purchased from a shop of your choice.


What do the children need to wear for P.E?


Indoor - shorts, leotards, and t-shirts.  No shoes or long trousers please.

Outdoor - shorts or jogging bottoms, t-shirt/sweatshirt and trainers


How do I pay dinner money?


Dinner money can be paid weekly or half termly.  It is currently £2.40  per day.  Dinner money needs to be paid on the Thursday of the previous week by 10am if you pay weekly or at the start of a half term.  Mrs. Isaacs will send you an email to inform you of the cost for a half term, at the start of each half term.


Does my child have to have a school meal every day?


No you may choose to have a school meal as often as you like.  All that we ask is that you pay on the Thursday of the previous week.


What will my child be eating?


Click on the link below to see the Primary Schools' Menu

What time does school start and finish?


School starts at 8.55am for all pupils. Reception children finish school at 3.00pm and for the rest of the school it's 3.15pm


Where do I leave my child and where do I collect them from?


If your child is in Reception they need to wait in their class line until they are collected and taken in by the class teacher. 

The children in the FP block can be collected from the back of the building at 3.15pm.

For the rest of the school the children wait in their lines in the morning until they are taken into school. Parents can wait in the yard to collect them from 3.10pm onwards.


What do I need to do if my child is ill?


Please ring school as soon as possible to let us know that your child will not be in school. We will ask you why for our records, we're not being nosy!


How do I contact my child's teacher?


All staff are in the yard most mornings so that you can speak to them or you can see them when they bring the children out at the end of the day. If you do not drop your child off at school or pick them up please ring Mrs. Isaacs and she will either make an appointment for you or arrange for a teacher to call you back.

Curriculum FAQs


What programmes do you have to support the children?


We run a range of intervention programmes to support the children.

The following are included: -


SAIL~  School Action in Literacy.  An intensive literacy programme for FP children.  The children work in a group of four for an hour a day for twenty weeks.

STARS ~ Specialist Teachers Accelerating Reading Skills - this is a School Action Plus intervention for individuals or groups to improve their literacy levels.


Language Links ~ A programme to support the understanding of language.

Speech Links ~


Handwriting Motorway ~ Is a guide that was produced in partnership between Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and the Cardiff LA. The guide provides a comprehensive approach to supporting children with handwriting difficulties. The aim is to develop functional handwriting style that is:

Comfortable, legible/readable, fast enough, fluent and automatic and sustainable over time.


In the Foundation Phase Handwriting Motorway is incoporated into the classroom activities and in KS2, pupils who are having difficulties are withdrawn in small groups.


Catch Up Numeracy ~ Is a structured one-to-one numeracy intervention for learners who find numeracy difficult.


Rainbows/Rapid Readers ~ These are two commercially published structured reading schemes that are being used in Cardiff schools.


Direct Phonics ~ Is a structured phonic programme.


Rainbow Readers ~ A reading programme designed to improve the reading skills of children from Year 4 onwards.  The children work in groups of approximately 6 children, between three and five times per week.



Miscellaneous Questions


When will my child start school?


Your child will start school the September after their fourth birthday.


How do I apply for  a place for my child at your school?


All admissions are administered by the admissions team at County Hall.  They can be contacted on 029 2087 2909.