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Lino Printing

Today is thier last and final session but that’s okay!so in this session they are putting paint on thier Lino and then putting it on paper so it makes a really pretty design!!!




i asked some of them questions and they said..”lino prints are really cool I wish I could do some Lino prints on the weekend” and the fun thing is you can do it on the weekend!!!

As you can see in this lesson in Lino print they are carving out an amazing masterpiece!!!that they drawed out last time!😮




today I spoke to someone and they said “carving out our Lino prints is really fun,I recommend it for a fun hobby!”

As you can see they are finishing their sketches from last time!and they are cutting them out then sticking them to the Lino!and last but not least!imprinting them on to the Lino!!!
As you can see they are planning out a Lino print scent for they’re lino print!woudent you want to do Lino print?
Today they doing the final draft to make there Lino prints then they are going to start doing the real Lino printsmiley 
one of them was talking about how fun it washeart

Lino prints 

When I went in they were looking at examples so I took someone out and they said “I really enjoy Lino it’s cool and very fun”