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Tuesday 22nd January 


The cycling group started their presentations, lots of concentration evident! The rest of the group looked at the 'Change for Life' website and started designing a healthy lunchbox. 

Tuesday 15th January 


Children split up into two groups. One group conducted an energy walk around the school. The other group had a Q&A session regarding the upcoming trip to Spain.   

Tuesday 27th November 


We carried on with our 'On Your Bike' logo design. We were very impressed that some children had taken the time to complete their designs at home. Mr Walsh read us the Cardiff Schools Energy Newsletter which reminded us about a few key points to keep our school as eco friendly as possible. 

Tuesday 20th November 


Mr Walsh introduced us to the Erasmus Plus project 'On Your Bike'. We designed logos for the project so that the children feel like one team. 

Tuesday 13th November 

It was anti bullying week so after we finished our PicCollage from last week we discussed what forms bullying could take. We also discussed the definition of bullying and how to be good friend. 




Tuesday 6th November 


We started to design a PicCollage to help our wellbeing. We thought of inspirational quotes and pictures that would put a smile on our faces as we go about our day in school. 





Tuesday 16th October 


Today we carried on with our presentations highlighting the importance of travelling actively to school. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will reach our new active travel target this week! 

Tuesday 2nd October


  • We carried on learning how to create a mosaic masterpiece! 
  • We collated the information for Active Travel Tuesday, we found that we were down 2% from last week which led onto our next activity. 
  • We created a short presentation to promote travelling actively to school. We are concentrating on encouraging park and stride. 


Tuesday 25th September 


- Mo came in to do some mosaic work with some pupils which was super fun! 


- Mr Morgan and Mr Walsh discussed the baseline of the school's active travel ways which is to begin at 52%. 


- As today was the first Active Travel Tuesday we counted up the totals of the pupils who have traveled actively and put the data into the Big Shift website. 


- We looked at the class data and decided that some classes will need a helping hand to raise their numbers... so next week we are going to make presentations to deliver to each class. 


- Gracie and Marley will also talk to the whole school in assembly! 

Tuesday 18th September 


- We began the session by introducing the club and what are aims for the year are.


- We got to know the new members of the club.


- Mr Morgan explained that we will be participating in Active Travel Tuesday's again this term. 


- We decided that the whole of the Eco Club should now be the 'Active Journeys Crew' promoting active travel throughout the school. 


- We also elected Active Travel Crew Captains - who are Marley and Gracie. 


- We finished the session with Mo who is going to be doing some mosaic work with the children over the next few weeks. The children designed some new ideas for a wall in the playground to spruce it up!