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Multi-sports For Girls


Still image for this video

As you can see they are playing the cat and mouse game!!!but they are going to decide who is going to be the cat or mouse!and after that they are playing the floor is lava!




one of them said “I love playing the cat and mouse game and it is very fun!”

Today in girls sports trainers 3 groups are delivering a sports session and the other 3 groups are evaluating! one of them said “delivering a session to the year 1and2s were amazing!How great is this!!!⚽️🎾🏀
Girls sports trainers 


When I entered they were  looking at Toms plan for a footie match . So I took someone 

Out and they told me that girls sports trainers was very interesting, she also said her job 

is to teach younger girls how to play sports 🥎Then Tom went them to get the right

equipment outside so I went happy for the yr1&2s because they had such good tutors 

As you can see the upper ks2 are planning out an amazing diagram for the sport the year 1&2 are going to be playing.They have made an amazing diagram haven’t they! And I asked someone ‘how are you likening it’ and one person said they loved doing there radnor university choice.