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This year’s National Reading and Numeracy tests will be administered between the 28th April and the end of May for pupils from Year 2 to Year 6. We will be supporting the children by doing some preparation and test practice using past test papers. Please look through your child’s Numeracy and Reading practise test papers when they are sent home. It would be great if you could support us in working on your child’s weaker areas.


Could we ask that you please return the test papers - your child will know when each one needs to be brought back to school.


If you log into your child’s Hwb account you can access test feedback from the last tests they did, although the tests were completed a year ago this may help you identify some areas to work on.


These websites have information regarding the tests:


And here are some handy websites:


Thank you for your support.

Diolch am eich cymorth,




National Tests: Information for Parents