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Radnor Primary School

Online Safety

Our Online Safety Vision

At Radnor we aim to help all members of the school community to know how to keep themselves safe, the tools for how to deal with issues and to know what is acceptable or not. As a school, our knowledge needs to be constantly updating due to constantly emerging technologies.  

The internet is a wonderfully positive tool for children and young people. At Radnor we strive to take a balanced approach, making sure that we promote the positive opportunities, as well as responding to the risks and equipping children and young people to deal with them.

Within the ICT and PSE curriculums, the children at Radnor will participate in e-safety lessons, which we feel will better equip the children to be aware of and deal with online risks.

Below are some links to aid parents to inform children on being safe on the internet.

As part of your child's learning journey at Radnor, they may be given login details for other sites. These will be used in class under the guidance of the class teacher. Some of these sites will include: 

Active Learn

Class Dojo


Restriction Advice

Advice about restricting sites/protecting your computers at home

Click below to visit each page...

iPad Restrictions

Staying safe on a Windows Computer

Safe Search Links

Click the links below to visit pages where you can search safely!

'Safe Google Search'

'Safe Wikipedia for Kids Search'

'Safe Websites, Images and Games Search'