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Radnor's Police Schools Liason Officer


Radnor is lucky to have it's very own Policeman that regularly leads workshops within school.


PC Kris Harris comes in to teach the children about various dangers and lessons that they need to be aware of in order to stay safe and aware.


PC Kris is looking forward to coming into school this year to see how the children are getting on and to teach them new lessons.


See the timetable below for details of when each year group will participate in a workshop.

PC Kris Workshop Timetable 2015-16



Radnor's PCSO's


We have very close links with our local Police Constable Support Officers and they are regular visitors to school.  They can often been seen in breakfast club (especially when it's cold and wet outside).  The children get a chance to get to know the officers and even to try on their hats and vests.  They take pairs of children out to be Junior PCSOs and pay particular attention to anyone who dares park in places where they shouldn't! Last year they went with the FP children to the Brecon Mountain Railway and had a great time.