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School of Rock

Welcome to Radnor School of Rock!

Week 1 

Our Radnor singers start this term of Radnor uni with discussing their favourite songs and the style of that song, what’s your favourite song?!

Week 2

This week Radnor’s singers have been beginning to create music!

As you can see, in some of these images we have a visitor, our local MP Kevin Brennan. We were delighted to have him visit. 
Week 3
This week Radnor Uni music makers have been strumming, beating and tapping their instruments creating beautiful music.
Week 4
Today school of rock pupils have been making a heart felt song about climate change!
                                                                       Week 5
Unfortunately this is the last week of Radnor uni course school of rock. The children have had fun strumming, hitting and singing but all good things come to an end.
We have loved listening to the children grow a love for making music but what will happen to these young musicians nobody knows, will they become the next Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift?