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In the first session  the children drew their designs and in the next week they sewed /glued their designs on some fabric.

There were some fabulous designs, there were beautiful views and some mythical creatures, we couldn't choose which designs were our favourite.

The foundation phase were glueing glitter, jewels and sparkles onto some fabric. they were amazing artists and there were all awsome.

glitter and sparkles add epic ideas' equal amazing artwork

In the fourth session they were sewing pieces of colourful fabric onto a brown base and were sticking jewels and glitter and making a pattern or picture on to it.cheeky

The artwork was outstanding, We couldn't believe that at first they were just drawing on a piece of paper, now they are sewing and glueing glitter and sparkles, it was awesome.surprise

Today most of the children were almost finished, with 2 more weeks left they're ahead of track! 


The designs were BRILLIANT!!! There were unicorns, hot air balloons, forests and even space!!!!! 


 We were very impressed with them and couldn't decide which was the best .