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Songwriters Circle

Welcome to Song Writers' Circle

Mr Walsh sang and made up songs. They jotted down what they thought a song was and sang their favourite ones. 

Today in the year three/four session they were learning to play the Xylophone. Such Fun! They are learning how to play notes such as G and G#. Also they learnt how to hold the beater.

This week they were having a go at singing like choir singers. They had to sing very high pitched!

They were also playing 'What's for Tea Tonight' doing different movements like clapping your hands and stomping your feet. The other group answered Sausage and Mash.

This week they revised the xylophone. Kacie-Mae says " I like Song Writer's Circle because i get to play different instruments."
This week was the last week of Song Writer's Circle. They were rehearsing the choir song again (see upper page) they found it loads of fun. Most of the children that have participated have loved the experience and we are sure that Mr Walsh has loved teaching them. We have had lots of fun blogging for this activity.