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Team Building

                                                                 Team Building

                                   Welcome to Team Building,

        Team Building is where groups try to solve complicated problems. 

                                                          Week One

This week the team builders were  trying to solve a tree problem. They were trying to untie a knot around the tree in groups.

                                                               Week 2

Today they were trying to balance hoops on one finger to the floor.

                                                                     Week 3

Today the children were trying to make the tallest paper tower in groups. 

Today year 1/2 were trying to build a tower out of shapes.All the groups had the same amount of pieces.

                                  Week 4

The team builders this week were playing the swamp game. Which is where you have a limited amount of mats and you try to get to the other side of the classroom.

Year 1/2 were in teams and they had a ball and with their legs they had to pass the ball down the line.

                                                             Week 5

Today Team building were trying to tape a newspaper together in the right order.