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Welcome to Watercolours!

The children were having fun painting Autumn leaves! All of them were using beautiful autumn colours. They were having a lot of fun and they were being cautious making sure they don't put TOO much water on the paper so they don't ruin the paint job. Next was the year 5 & 6's started and we saw some beautiful backgrounds! Some lovely Autumn leaves!

Her's a example of the landscapes...   ^


Today in watercolours they were making a artwork by Angela Anderson, they were enjoying themselves very much! This week the children were drawing and  colouring patterns, it looked very, very fun and interesting! They were using very bright and extraordinary colours, they were even mixing and blending in colours! They were also making very fascinating pictures!! They were cutting stuff out to make landscapes and there was so many different textures! All of them went on the paper and it was so beautiful.