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Who's Who

Radnor Primary School Governing Body 2016 - 2017


Chair of the Governing Body

Dr. Justin Savage (Parent Governor)

Vice Chair

Mr Richard Thurston (Parent Governor)


Mrs. Ann James

Local Authority Governors



Mrs. Roberta Meredith

Councillor Richard Cook

Councillor Susan Elsmore

Mrs. Meriel Ansell


Parent Governors

Dr. Justin Savage
Mr Richard Thurston

Mr Scott Clifford

Ms Eileen Smith






Community Governors

Mrs. Nicola Lo Celso


Mrs. Sarah Duncan-Jones

Mrs. Nikki Jones



Teacher Governors

Mr. Peter Roderick


Mrs. Jane Harvey


Staff Governor

Mrs. Sue Isaacs

Parent Governors

These are elected representatives of parents of pupils at the school.

Picture 1 Justin Savage
Picture 2 Claire Way

LEA Governors

These are nominated by the Local Education Authority.

Picture 1 Roberta Meredith
Picture 2 Richard Cooke
Picture 3 Susan Elsmore

Community Governors

They are invited by the other governors to join the Governing Body, as they have skills and experience relevant to the school.

Picture 1 Nicola Lo Celso
Picture 2 Sarah Duncan-Jones
Picture 3 Nikki Jones

Staff Governors

These are elected representatives of staff at the school.

Picture 1 Ann James
Picture 2 Peter Roderick
Picture 3 Sue Isaacs
Picture 4 Jane Harvey